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The story of HIMALAYAN MYSTERIES started in the year 2001.Choosing the right company to handle your travel arrangements in India is vitally important. The Indian sub-continent is vast, and travel from one city to another is a bit more complex here, than it is in developed/western countries, so, you do need a Tour Operator on the ground, who has first hand and deep knowledge of the nuances of travelling within the sub-continent. HIMALAYAN MYSTERIES is a specialist inbound tour company, which will take the time to understand what you would like to see and do on your India trip, and work with you towards creating a perfect itinerary and a perfect travel experience for you. Mr. NAND SHARMA&SANJEEV BHARDWAJ MD&(CEO and Founder of the company) had a clear picture in mind,right at the stage of inception to make HIMALAYAN MYSTERIES as India’s most valued Tours and Travel Company.

Such was his interest in travel and learning about other cultures from a very young age. After a visit more state in INDIA yet he still insists his wish list is longer now than when he started.

With over ten years working in the travel industry started as an overland tour leader, then worked in management positions at several adventure tour operators before starting HIMALAYAN MYSTERIES. In his own words eager to start trying to offer something back, having gained so much enjoyment from his own travel experiences over the years.

HIMALAYAN MYSTERIES, an internet trading brand of Trans India Holidays, is a limited liability company with 14 years of experience in arranging top quality India tours, Himalayas Tour  and Beach holidays in the Indian sub-continent .HIMALAYAN MYSTERIES is headed by NAND SHARMA/SANJEEV BHARDWAJ  (CEO and Managing Director) have almost 12 years of experience of arranging tours in the Indian subcontinent. Each one of our 35 + operations staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality Indian holidays, from designing the itineraries in consultation with you, right up to giving you expertadvice of things like health and safety,  etc. Every Hotel/Resort /Camp that we use, has been personally visited and inspected by a senior member of our team. Our Representatives in each city , have been carefully selected, and trained in a manner that they follow the same high service standards, that we do. The care does not stop even while you are travelling.. when you arrive in India,you are met by an English speaking representative, who goes over your itinerary with you, and also gives you 24 X 7 contact number that you can reach in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

Passion for the job – Every employee of the company is highly passionate about his or her job because it’s not only job for any employee in HIMALAYAN MYSTERIES, rather it’s a way of life. Company management keeps in mind that if our employees are satisfied to work with us then only they will be able to satisfy our customers. So every possible opportunity is explored and provided for the growth and development of the employees of the company. That is why you will find a personal touch in our services and our employees are always ready to help you even out of the way of their responsibilities.

Reliability – We have a reliability record of past 12 years. Our packages are well planned and managed so that our customer is always at ease with us and completely rely on us.


Mr.Sanjeev Bhardwaj is Chief Executive Officer and founder of the company. He has a vast experience of tours and travel industry. A well read person . Mr. Sanjeev Bhardwaj has done HM . A true scholar who has in-depth knowledge of customs, traditions, people and places of India. This research of his is reflected in all his business strategies where he strives to provide a feel of real India to each and every customer. All packages and programmes of the company clearly show his true Indian touch.

Discover the Great Himalayas With Us....

Himalayan Mysteries is a one-stop shop for different travel packages depending on your varied intrest. Explore the explored and the unexplored Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand Greater Himalayas region through a set of tour itinearies, which are designed offering various activities guest can choice for in and around the city. We have great hotel & holiday deals for your nest travel with hotel matching your expected quality and budget. Please check with us for hotel across Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Rajasthan. Our tours are designed keeping in mind all the activities guest would like to have in and around any destination and we quote the cost as per couple requirement on real time basis. We offer the most competitive and affordable prices. We make your travel memorable and hassle free as we reach out across the hill states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttrakhand and Rajasthan.

 Registration Number: - 11-447/2010-DTO-SML-408 (Approved By Himachal Govt.)