Nand Sharma

Managing Director of Himalayan Mysteries Pvt. Ltd.

Hello, I am Nand Sharma. Managing Director of Himalayan Mysteries Pvt. Ltd. and truly a globetrotter, frenzy about travel and love to explore destinations like anything else. Travel is not only my profession, rather for me travel is existence, travel is vogue and travel is the substance of life. With the same sentiment we plan trips for our clients at Himalayan Mysteries with utmost commitment, passion and zeal so every tripper may experience absolute richness and ultimate hospitality.  

Sanjeev Bharadwaj

CEO of Himalayan Mysteries Tours And Travels.

Hi, I am Sanjeev Bhartdwaj. CEO(Chief Executive Officer,Founder of Company) of Himalayan Mysteries Tours and Travels. And having a silk-stocking experience in tour and travel industry Sanjeev Bharadwaj is the line of thought behind Himalayan Mysteries Pvt. Ltd. A true scholar who has in-depth knowledge of customs, traditions, people and places of Indian sub continent and who truly understands the requisite of a perfect travel plan. During the trip planning and while on your trip, you will certainly experience Sanjeev’s enthusiasm and his care in making sure your trip goes exactly as planned.

From very young age his interest was in learning about varied cultures and diversities and to explore deep in every bit of a destination. He selected his interest as a profession and gradually it has turned in to ethos of his life. His work philosophy is simply delivering surfeit expectations to clients and to make sure that each and every trip of each and every client is Indelible.

Pooja Bhardwaj

H R Manager

My journey with HM since 2012 (phew! it has been six years!) has been full of new experiences. I have learned tacts and diligence. As a team at HMT…we are trying to build long-term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services. Himalayan Mysteries deals with situation intellectually, fairly, practically, logically, with result-oriented customer satisfaction. The end result is always betterment. As an employee at HMT…we are trying to build long-term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services. Amazing and vibrant workplace with superb staff. At the last, I just want to say that “this is my most satisfying job ever. It is a great experience. The company policies are very good and clear. I think I got a good opportunity of a lifetime and is only possible just because of better management and also trustworthy MD’s.


Ishwar Sharma

General Manager


Himalayan Mysteries always considers progressive approaches. We constantly work on improving our services by reworking on our mistakes and redefining the workflow. Since my joining here on 20th July 2014, I have handled end to end projects. I started as a tour executive, gaining on-field details, and made it to operations manager. While managing operations, a passion for tourism industry inculcated in me and we as a team kept re-inventing strategies to deliver error-free service. With this endeavour, Himalayan Mysteries has achieved a speckless reputation. I want to see Himalayan Mysteries being top  Company in India and I am sure as a team we are going to make it happen. Special thanks Honorable MD's who have found the Qualities in me and prepare me for this position. I have tried my best till now and on behalf of The Team Himalayan Mysteries, I would like to assure our best in future as well. We will be doing good to better and better to best for our company.


Ram Manta

Manager Transport

Working with like-minded people has been the greatest advantage for me in the past four years at Himalayan Mysteries. Our highly energetic team is determined to help each other at odd times. I have served several executive positions in the industry and am currently handling transport managerial responsibilities. I was always backed by our top management as well as colleagues whenever I faced difficulties (difficulties are not the cakewalk in travel trade). I will always be the part of Himalayan Mysteries. I am a loyal and confident employee and I will always keep this loyalty.

Mamta Thakur

Manager Sales

Hello! it's been 3 years since I have been working with  Himalayan Mysteries Pvt. Ltd. During this period there has been not a single boring day. Each day comes with new exciting projects and as a sales manager, I give my best to be a good leader. I am proud of my team who’s blood n sweat has brought best results. I have worked in the past few years on projects of different nature and have gained a versatile experience in the tourism industry. I have been given a superb platform to showcase my skills and get help in improving them. People working in the company along with me are good and positive. With such a positive attitude we are sure to touch the Zenith in the upcoming years.  I have always given my best to this company and will give 100%always... Thank you, HMT to give me the opportunity to be a part of the company.

Priyanka Thakur

Manager Sales

I am working with Himalayan Mysteries for 3 years. I have learned a lot while working here and hopefully will be doing the same in future as well. This is the best job I could ever have. I am thankful to My MDs and management Who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to be a part of Himalayan mysteries.  I have completed my 3 years and the journey from sales executive to Sales Manager was wonderful. I have learned so many things and have loved to beat the competition with a passionate approach in doing the things from good to better and from better to best. I respect my work and will always be a part of Himalayan mysteries ...

Anita Verma

Quality Manager

 I Anita Verma working with Himalayan Mysteries as quality manager for more then an year time. It was a wonderful journey within this time span, The Experience so far has been great. I am sure that the future I will be having a good opportunities within the company. Enjoying working here, I have learned a lot while working here I will be doing the same in future as well. This is the best suitable job for me. This job has given me a real appreciation I enjoy my work in HMT. Thanks HMT  for this opportunity.

Manish Sharma

Associate Operations

Hello! I have been a part of Himalayan Mysteries team as a sales executive for a long time and now I am assistant operation manager. This great journey has been full of opportunities to invent and create, face challenges head-first and enlarge the scope of possibilities. The entire process has groomed me and this is still going on. Each day I am exposed to multifunctional profiles in sales and operations, which bring internal transformation and a positive attitude. I have become my own leader, getting a perfect hold on work-life-balance.

Himesh Sharma

Manager Accounts

A typical workday in any company is come in, work, report, and leave. Here at Himalayan Mysteries, it is much more than that. You don't just work for yourself, you lend a hand to your co-workers as well so that they don't get overwhelmed. Similarly, I got a lot of help in my work whenever I felt stuck. I manage accounts at HMT. Although the nature of my work is not so dependent on other areas, still my team does not miss a chance to involve me in their activities. As a result, I have made so many friends here and the top management has always been there for our own good.


General Manager Sales

As the sales executive, I have learned to promote our services to customers and negotiate with the aim of maximizing comfort for them and profit to our organization. In the process of hardcore sales, I have interacted with clients, held warm and cold meetings and learned new practices of sales. The experience so far has been great. I am sure that in future I will be having more responsibilities and opportunities in the company and hence improve my efficiency. I enjoy my work. I have completed a year working with HMT. This is the best job I can say. Thanks to MDs and my seniors that you have given me this opportunity.

Babita Sharma

Sales Executive

Himalayan Mysteries is a company that always believes in its employees. Here every day, every minute is a chance to bring out the best of me with a desire fueled by innovation, execution, and victory. The most enjoyable aspect of HMT is meeting the client’s needs. The way of working here is to create a balance between internal and external resources. The real kick is to come up with new concepts to meet the demand with available resources. The best part of my team is that we continuously keep introducing new ways to keep ahead of the competition, without leaving a single speck. I am associated with the company for past one year, the experience has been brilliant and I have noticed a considerable difference in my self. I have improved my skills and have learnt a lot from my seniors. I am very thankful to my MDs who gave the opportunity to be a part of Himalayan Mysteries. 

Geeta Sharma

Sales Executive

Genuine care for each other is what I feel is the greatest part of Himalayan Mysteries. We truly embrace each other’s expectations and work together to meet them. This solidarity helps us in keeping our sanity even after bearing a rough day. Besides, there are some little knick-knacks that come and go without perturbing our comfort and sanity. Everyone has a dream to get a good job to secure their future. At present, I am working here as a Tour Executive. This is such a nice job, getting new experiences. One of the best things is that I get the opportunity to represent the Himachali hospitality. It is my first job. I am happy as being a part of Himalayan Mysteries.


Kalpna Sharma

Sales Executive

At Himalayan Mysteries Pvt Ltd, we are encouraged to embrace new skills, step up to accept new challenges and get engaged in new tasks each day. Here I got a chance to paint my own canvas and innovate ways of better sales techniques. I largely focus on client satisfaction and cater with only those options that are most suitable to their need. The nature of my work is the most engaging of all kind. The nature of my company is most encouraging of all known companies. A unique culture is created that keeps our spirits high and ideas flourishing. I have seen a very positive transition in my working style and personal attributes since my joining here. I feel fortunate to be a part of Himalayan Mysteries.