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“An Exotic Dream Destination.”

Where nature’s uniqueness and variety join in one destination, Manali Sightseeing - Tour Packages where one can contrast a cultural experience along with adventure, definitely it is about Manali, truly an exotic dream destination. The place is a valley nestled in the mountains and situated at a height of 6260 feet above sea level; Manali is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh and is one of the popular, beautiful and awe-inspiring hill stations in India. The quaint charm of Manali has captured world’s attention which makes the place one of the most visited tourist destination in India.
The river Beas flows right through the town which makes a mesmerising and spellbind landscape.The famous hill station has many attractions like Rohtang Pass which is throughout the year covered with snow and also Solang valley which is a perfect destination for adventure lovers. Besides adventurous activities Manali is also devoted towards spiritualism and is the homeland of Raghunath Temple, Jagganathi Devi Temple and Hadimba Temple. Visiting Manali is a good experience in itself which leaves tourist with countless memories. Manali is the ideal place for tourists to rejuvenate in the lap of nature. Hills and hills and a lot of hills topped with simple villages. You wont get a chance to get better pictures anywhere else so plan your trip right now.
Which are the places to visit in Manali?
Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass is a motorable mountain pass at an altitude of 3978 meters, just aside the Pir Panjal range. The pass is also the gateway to Leh Ladakh and it offers some of the best views on earth. There are two rivers, Beas and Chenab, flowing on each side of the pass. You can try mountain jeep safari, some adventure sports and skiing. 
Nehru Kund
Nehru Kund is named after former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who loved this place during his visit to Manali. This spring water source is located near the Manali Leh Highway, a few miles away from Rohtang Pass. 
Solang Valley
Solang Valley is the hub of winter sports such as skiing, paragliding, slides and zorbing. The valley is the best location to get a view of the adjoining mountain peaks and snow covered hills.  
Manikaran Sahib is a beautiful place with a holy hot water spring. Though Manikaran is about 80 km from Manali, it is a nice sightseeing and resting place. There are a few more places nearby such as Kheerganga, Parvati Valley and Naina Bhagwati Temple. 
Jogini Waterfalls
It is a beautiful waterfall, trickling down from a height of 150 feet. Its flow is massive and the views are sure to leave you speechless. Jogini Waterfalls are located at 7 km from Manali bus stand and are in very close proximity of Vashisht Temple. 
Vashisht Temple
Vashisht Temple also has a hot water bathing pool, situated beside the banks of the Beas River. It is located in Vashisht village, 6 km from Manali and is made on a traditional architecture. The temple and the village is named after Maharishi Vashisth and is a must visit place in Manali Tour Package. 
Hidimba Devi Temple
Hidimba Devi Temple is also made on the traditional Himachali architecture. The entire temple is made of solid wood and stone and is hand carved by craftsmen. This temple is several centuries old and pays tribute to its chief idol demon goddess Hadimba from Mahabharata. 
Manu Temple
The chief deity of this temple is Manu, the writer of Manusmriti. It is a prime attraction and is just 3 km far from the main town. The entire structure is a very fine example of old-style stone masonry. Some of the pillars are built by joining heavy boulders together. Apart from its exterior beauty, the temple is also known for its age-old history.  
Naggar Castle
If you want to see real-life art, then you must include Naggar Castle in your Manali Tour Package schedule. The castle is crafted out of stone and wood and preserves some of the major art styles till date. It is certainly the most beautiful structure to be ever seen, built by the most skilled men several years ago. Naggar castle used to be the home of local King and is located 21 km far.  
What to do in Manali?
Adventure Sports
Adventure sports and winter sports are the prime attraction in this region, especially in Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass. You can try booking a camp and a package which provides river rafting, river crossing, rock climbing, paragliding, rope walking etc. There are innumerable sporty options available in these areas. 
For those who are not very enthusiastic about those high styles of adventure sports, Paragliding is a simple option. There are many schools with experienced trainers and they take you in the gush of air safely. Paragliding is not just a sport it is an experience and you must not miss this beautiful experience of flying right in the air above the majestic hills.
The high hills have too many trekking options, from beginner to expert level. You can choose to go for a simple forest walk or hike up the shining mountains, everything can be done with Manali and its adjacent places being the base camps for all the major treks. Remember to get your detailed health check-up before moving ahead for a trek. Some of the treacherous tracks are not healthy for people with cardiac and respiratory problems. 
What to shop in Manali?
Kullu Shawls
Kullu Shawls are locally made from pure wool. They are hand woven on mills, sometimes right in the houses of folks. These come with beautiful geometrical patterns and borders that are very unique to Kullu and Manali. Similarly one can buy Himachali caps, which is also very unique to Himachal Pradesh.
Silver Jewellery
Brides of Kullu district wear very heavy silver jewellery. These pieces are made of pure silver and can even do with the western styles. Though most of them are very heavy, jewellers also keep a few small ones for tourists. Try your hand at these everlasting souvenirs. 
Wooden Handicrafts
Wooden handicrafts are sold by many vendors in different markets. You can get your name inscribed on these and take it home. From as small as a key ring to a complete set of furniture, almost everything can be bought here. Try old Manali Market and Manu market to get the best pieces. 
It is known that high-quality pure saffron can be bought only in the mountainous states of India. Kashmir being popular for this gold crop, Manali also has a few stores that sell pure Saffron or Kesar at genuine prices. You can also find other Himalayan herbs commonly sold here.
What to eat in Manali?
Apples are everywhere here. You can try apple jams, jellies, pickles, and even raw apple sabzi, depending on the season. Asparagus is known as Lingaru in the local language and is cooked in different styles. You can try Lingaru ki sabzi for lunch. Trout and other fish, Gyoza and momos are also very delicious, served in some of the eateries. 
What is the mode of transportation?
The nearest airport is Bhuntar airport 50 km from Manali. The nearest railway stations are Ambala 310 km and Jogindernagar narrow gauge railway station, 50 km. Comfortable Deluxe and super deluxe buses also run from major cities such as Delhi and Chandigarh. You can book a taxi to use hassle-free transportation to major attractions. Local buses are also a good option. 


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