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“Has everything to Hypnotize Travellers”

Once the summer capital of British Empire, Shimla is now the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The spellbinding nature, pieces of evidence of rich British architecture and deep footprints of Indian History; Shimla has everything to hypnotize travelers from worldwide.
The UNESCO world heritage Kalka-Shimla railway line of 96.54 km built in 1903 is something in your Himachal Pradesh tour package which may take you to the glorifying British India epoch. British aeon heritage buildings like Vice Regal Lodge, Christ Church, Gorton Castle, Peterhoff, Command House, Auckland House and Gaiety Theatre building are still the talking evidences of British architecture and Shimla’s bygone.
Shimla witnessed a lot many consequential events which are recorded in history books. Once the component of Nepalese kingdom, Shimla spotted Gorkha war in the era of 1815 -16. The decision to form the Muslim League gained ground in Shimla in 1906. In the year 1945 Shimla was the place where draft of partition of British India i.e. formation of India and Pakistan was drifted. Post Indo – Pakistan war of 1971 Shimla hosted Indo – Pak summit and Shimla pact was signed between both nations in the year 1972.
The unique demonstration of unparalleled and bewitched nature is something which sends travelers in trance state.
Nearby Shimla called Chail is also a must visit place, it’s a destination which offers diversity and nature’s uniqueness in itself. Chail bird sanctuary, Chail Palace, and Kali ka Tibba are the prominent sightseeing attractions. Kufri is also the heart and soul of Shimla tour package.

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Shimla Facts

Population : 169,578

Language : Hindi, English

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